How Does Export Packaging Work in Sydney?

Export Packaging, also known as Transport Packaging, is one of the three types of packaging that likely to be required when exporting certain products and items. Transport and export packaging is the most outer of packaging and is ultimately designed so as to protect the goods during transportation.

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There is a wide range of materials to choose from when packaging goods ready for export, these can include wood, plastic, metal, and textiles (which are the most typically used export packaging materials) but can also include less conventional means of packaging such as glass and paper.

Export Packaging can take several forms, such as 'Loose' or 'unpacked' which is the most commonly used form of such packaging when being used to transport large and heavy items such as vehicles as making sure that such goods and items are securely stowed is often of greater importance to the exporter than adding an additional level of protective material.

Wooden boxes and crates are quite probably the most commonly used form of export packaging. These are often stored and stacked on pallets before being shrink-wrapped for stability. However, there are other forms of packaging that can be used when looking to export items. For example, drums (usually manufactured from either plastic or metal) are most commonly used for the transportation of powders or liquids as well as items that have to be kept dry.

There are several factors that have to be considered when choosing which form of export packaging to use for the transportation of goods or products. If the protection of items is the main consideration that has to be taken into account, it is recommended that you use the tried and tested packaging technique of using pallets and containers as they combine efficiency with the excellent protection of items.